Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Architecture

One of my favourite things about the city. Sometimes I think I could be a photographer of buildings alone, and find total satisfaction in this. It is important to go slowly in the city sometimes, and take in the buildings around you. Sometimes if you don't look up, you can be missing a lot. In Aberdeen, it is often the case that you need to look up, but in Edinburgh it is hard to miss the majestic architecture. Here are some of my shots of buildings. I hope to take plenty more in the future.

Arriving into Edinburgh on the train at night, the buildings that can be seen from the station look spectacular

The Royal Mile

The proud statues on the Hilton Hotel in the West End

Calton Hill

...and in B&W

The Forth Rail Bridge on a misty day (2011)

Taken from Waverley Bridge (March 2012)

Edinburgh University before the works on the building began

Looking up on Princes Street on a sunny day

The famous Walter Scott Monument

The East End of Princes Street

(same caption applies)
Taken from Middle Meadow Walk

Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Hills

Like Rome, Edinburgh was built on seven hills. The following were taken using my trusty old Fujifilm FinePix f470 (R.I.P), from various high points in the city, which offer some amazing views.

Calton Hill:

     Beltane, April 2010

                                                         Looking down at Princes Street                                

Arthur's Seat:

April 2010

 Blackford Hill:

April 2011

Castle Rock:

All taken July 2011

Princes Street Gardens

The Tattoo Area